The aim of this first module is to present you with the concept of intrapreneurship, its similarities and differences from entrepreneurship, and lastly to explore why intrapreneurship is much more than a buzzword, owing its essence to ways of thinking and acting in the corporate world, which have produced marvellous, innovative results throughout the years. To this end, certain well- and less-known intrapreneurial stories and case studies are presented, just to show that intrapreneurship takes some innovative brains and an open-minded company to flourish.

Several definitions of intrapreneurship are provided, accompanied by commentaries to give you a cue to think about the different approaches of the whole concept and practice.

Having gone through this module, you will have a clear overview of the basics of intrapreneurship, as well as a firm picture of the intrapreneur and what can make her or him shine. We encourage you to devote a little time to also read some of the suggested readings at the left of your screen. This will help you to roll into the next module and find out about the organisational culture and its importance for intrapreneurship.

Module 1 consists of 3 Units:

“When you cease to dream you cease to live”  Malcolm Forbes, chairman and editor in chief of Forbes Magazine.

Intrapreneurship… this concept that allows employees to stretch and grow while keeping them committed to the company. Does it ring a bell? WOULD YOU GIVE IT A TRY?