This module is aimed at enhancing your awareness about motivation and self-motivation in the workplace mainly, but also in your daily life.

Which are the keys of motivation?
Why are we motivated and de-motivated?
How can we impact on our own and others’ behaviour?
How can companies motivate or de-motivate their employees?
And last but not least: how can I motivate myself even if … or despite of…?

After a short description and definition of the meaning of these concepts, you will be given examples, case studies and additional food for thought.

Let’s start now! Are you motivated enough? Sure? Asked yourself why we get streseds about motivation, in an intrapreneurship course?

But before starting, let’s have a look to the structure of this module. There are three units:



As you can see, it is again a path, to be walked together step by step.

If you have a business mindset. How do you feel about launching a collective business adventure? ARE YOU… very interested?somewhat interested? Neither interested nor uninterested? Somewhat uninterested? Very uninterested? THE CHOICE IS YOURS! AND TODAY MAY BE THE START OF A NEW LIFE JOURNEY. THINK ABOUT IT!